PROPAC Pharmacy is Your Partner for Long Term Care Pharmacy Services in the Pacific Northwest

Specializing in pharmaceutical drug delivery for Senior Care

PROPAC established a strong reputation as a reliable pharmacy that nurses and medical professionals could rely on for quality care with a positive attitude. Within the core of PROPAC Pharmacy lies a firm foundation of experience and a network designed to address the needs of healthcare professionals and long-term senior care centers. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience for those we serve and as a result, we’ve developed lasting relationships with.

Its about building trust and creating relationships

PROPAC Pharmacy started out in the early 1980s as a partner for Northwest…

That’s why when the original owners sold the pharmacy to a large national player in the 1990s, many employees chose to stay on despite the sale and subsequent name change. They trusted in the quality of their coworkers, in the company’s foundational values and many had built positive relationships with the community.

Propac Pharmacy is guided by the following Core Values:

Respect: Every person is a unique individual
Integrity: Each of our actions will be driven by these values.
Commitment: Our behavior results from our passion.
Trust: Character is of such high value that our word and actions will always be true.